On March 30th is the deadline to submit the first document about ideas for the final project in my Front end dev course at HES. Website with ~10 pages, built in HTML, CSS and JS.

Panicking slightly. In the final project at UMich I built a site that was not directly a catastrophe from a technical aspect. But it was pointless. I have that it on my to do list, to redo the project in a more meaningful way.

But I think I have an OK idea this time. I’m going to combine my Data analyst skills with my Web dev skills and build a site showing data for girls/women that chooses tech in school and at work. It’s going to be data easy to approach, maybe with a slight infographics feel to it. And my intention is that this site is going to be a resource, that the organisation that I work (Womengineer.org) for can use.

I will probably change my mind a 100 times before the 30th but. You just have to pick something and start to think about it and poke around a bit. Otherwise you will never know if this is going to be a great fit or not.

When it comes to other stuff I’m behind. As you might have noticed. Blogging is not going great at the moment. But I have a post about a CSS this in the pipe. Also my portfolio website is also still behind. Hopefully I will have the change to catch up slightly on that over the next weeks.

Have a great week all you creative people out there!

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