On March 30th is the deadline to submit the first document about ideas for the final project in my Front end dev course at HES. Website with ~10 pages, built in HTML, CSS and JS.

Panicking slightly. In the final project at UMich I built a site that was not…

Sorry, I have been absent.

Last week I started my journey with Harvard Extension School in pursue of a certificate in Front end Wed Development. So far, so good!
I found out that I’m inconsistent in my syntax when writing HTML. I close some self closing tags, but not all.

I know that my Python/Pandas story about pd.read_csv() has been popular. And based on that I have decided to write a very basic story about how to read a text-file in JavaScript/Node.js.

I first encountered the problem when I had to read the data for the Advent of Code problems…

There are so many forums out there. You just have to pick a few or all. Since I was into code before my web development journey started (but other languages), I’m part om 3 communities here in New York. And they seem good for my new career direction as well.

The day after election day. Sorry that this blog post is late.

I recently learnt how to link to an anchor link on another page. Very easy and very useful now that I know how to do it. Let me share it with you. Short but sweet.

In your href, in your <a> element, you just have to include the anchor link, right after the document name.

<a href="pagetwo.html#anchor-one">This take you to Page Two, Anchor One</a>

Thank you to W3C for good info about links! https://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/links.html (12.2 The a element)

Networking is always crucial. I love MeetUps, but I always feel that it’s somewhat stressful before I get there. And now with Covid it’s an extreme challenge. 10 minutes networking over Zoom, after the official event program. Very difficult.

How do we best cope with this?

Not to speak of…

I recently found this post about Niamh McCooey that became a web developer in 7 month. She did it without going to University or attending a Bootcamp. I found it interesting so I wanted to share. It mostly tell you about some of the resources that she used. Not really…

I have mostly been building websites from scratch or with Bootstrap, this far. Using display and floating stuff around, together with margins and padding, it’s part of the game. But it can also be an absolut time killer.

I recently did a very small JavaScript project looking into events and…

Youn Hee Pernling Frödin

Web Developer | Data Analyst | Economist | www.yhpf.se

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